Samstag, 21. November 2009

Dextro live @ Lab30 in Augsburg (9th Nov 2009)

Under the moniker Dextro scottish multi instrumentalist (with a drumming heart) Ewan Mc Kenzie plays music that could be described as dark and gloomy electronic music with a lot of ambient and post rock influences. A recording of his 45 min live set played at lab30 - Augsburgs media arts festival - on 9th Nov 2009 with live drumming and percussion can be downloaded here (MP3). Enjoy it! It's much better than the handful of pictures of the artist that could be found on the internet,-)

Download: dextro @ Lab30 (30-11-2009)

Website (more Downloads/Vids)
Myspace (have a listen)
LastFM (have a listen, too)